the defender of travelers and hero's in the darkness


redon has 100 hp and is a fighter who has one elfin bow and one great sword and 45 years old but has kept fit and is the same as he was in his 20’s


he was in the great war of edon a god of life turned rouge and destroyed most of gwadon but at the the gods weakest form he was shot through the head by redon. then after the war he married rosie and they lived happily for 6 years until one day, they were taking a walk through the forest and they saw an abadoned dark shrine and heard rustling from inside so they quickly ran away scared of what might be inside. then they hear footsteps running as redon turned see this monstrosity it poured blooded through the markings on his face onto redon he instantly turned and killed his wife with his great sword. he has killed any monster to walk that path.


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